Address to the County Legislature to Approve Monroe’s Ability to Vote on a New Town..
The vote we are about to take this evening is about my community; it will affect my neighbors, my family, and me.

As I have talked to voters while gathering more than 900 signatures on petitions this summer, it has become clear to me that most of my neighbors—indeed a large majority of the people of Monroe—favor the division of the town. Those in KJ want to protect their way of life; those on the other side of Monroe’s divide are concerned about protecting the public school system, the values of their town government, and their environment.

As you vote this evening, I would ask you to go by a simple rule. It is the golden rule. Do unto others.

The people of Monroe are asking for the ability to vote to decide their own fate. Vote YES to give us that right as you would want us to give you that right if you were in our position.

Some of you have talked about PROCEDURE as though that is more important than anything else and a reason to vote NO. Please remember that in a democracy the procedure that matters the most is the act of voting. The very essence of Democracy is the right of people to live under the government they choose; re-affirm that right by voting YES.

Letter to the M – W School Board..
The prime attraction drawing people to live in Monroe is the Monroe – Woodbury School System.

As I have campaigned this year and talked with more than a thousand people on their front porches and in front of businesses like Shoprite and Bagel World or at the early morning park and rides, I have heard repeatedly from young parents that they have moved here because of the schools. A large number of houses are finding new owners in Monroe as older empty nesters move out, selling their homes not to the mythical buyers from KJ but to young families – many of them immigrants from China, India, the Middle East, and the Caribbean islands – and many of them here while still holding high-paying jobs in New York City.

For them the house prices are affordable and the school taxes worthwhile because their primary concern is the quality of their children’s education in a safe environment.

We have come to the point in Monroe where we must decide the future of the town. It seems evident to me – as someone who has been elected to do the best for Monroe – that the schools must be protected first and foremost. And the clear way that we do this is to divide the town along the lines of concern for the schools. The creation of the new town of Palm Tree concurrent with moving the school district boundaries will split from our population a group of people who are not committed to the Monroe – Woodbury Public Schools. It will enable those of us who are committed to our schools to continue to provide first – class public education. And most of all it will ensure that we do not face a situation such as arose in East Ramapo.

It is incumbent upon you as members of the School Board to lead the way in keeping faith with the young families living in Monroe and to ensure that kids in kindergarten this year will graduate from a high school that will continue to be one of the best in New York. And to do that you have to approve the moving of the boundaries of the school district.

Thank you for your service and for protecting the education of our children.

Myrna Kemnitz
County Legislator for Monroe

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Click Here to Read: Annexation-Speech.

Public Hearing Comment on Local Law #4 Amending Chapter 57 of the Town of Monroe Zoning Code. November 30, 2015..

LOCAL LAW #4 AMENDING CHAPTER 57 of the Town Code of Monroe

I will be brief.
When the Town of Monroe Board ceded Local Agency leadership for the Annexation of Monroe Town lands into the Village of Kiryas Joel to the Village of Kiryas Joel, the Town Board said the Town could not supply water and sewer.
Now you say, all of a sudden, that you can supply water and sewer.
What’s wrong with this picture is that you are unable to supply these things without the County. And what you do not have is any County of Orange agreement to supply sewer.
Even before any of the details of this new Local Law are discussed, this plan is a non-starter!

September 2015 – Speech calling legislators to vote to go to court against KJ Annexation..
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Letter of response to KJ Poultry Processing Plant Manager’s Misinterpretation of My View ” Where’s the Environmental Concern, KJ?”                                                                                                             Click Here to Read: Letter of response to KJ Poultry Processing Plant.

My View: County’s Responsibility to its residents: LEAD AGENCY in SEQR
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Myrna Kemnitz –
Orange County Statutory Rules Committee 1/22/14:

Discussion on the impact of Proposed Kiryas Joel Land Annexation issue in Monroe NY
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